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New Win2PDF 10 Update Now Available!

Our newest release of Win2PDF 10 build 98 includes the following new features:

  •  Improved support for sending PDF files using the following email clients and providers:
  •  Added support for converting image formats directly to PDF with command line options TIFF2PDF, JPG2PDF, PNG2PDF, BMP2PDF, GIF2PDF, and Image2PDF.
  •  Added IMAGEPDF command line to convert a PDF file to a PDF Image Only (color or monochrome).
  •  Added support for page range in PDF2TIFF command line.
  •  Added a Send Mail feature to the Win2PDF Desktop App.
  •  Added a Rotate Pages feature to the Win2PDF Desktop App.
  • Added support for the PAGECOUNT command line option to return the number of pages in a PDF.
  • Fixed an issue with the extract and delete page ranges in the Win2PDF Desktop App.
  • Fixed an issue printing a landscape PDF to a paper printer from the Win2PDF Desktop App.
  •  Performance and stability improvements
Other recent changes include:

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard Win2PDF trial version never expires, but it will add an extra page to each PDF until you purchase and enter a license. If you would like to evaluate Win2PDF or Win2PDF Pro without the extra page, contact [email protected] for a 30 day evaluation license.
You can download the latest Win2PDF setup program and run it. You do not need to uninstall Win2PDF, or re-enter your license code.

To update Win2PDF Pro or Win2PDF Pro TSE, download and run the "Win2PDF Pro Service Pack" setup program.

If you have an older version of Win2PDF released before October 2009, your license code will not be compatible with Win2PDF 10. You can purchase an upgrade license for Win2PDF here, and Win2PDF TSE here.
You do not need to reinstall unless you purchase Win2PDF Pro. When you purchase Win2PDF, you will receive an activation code by email. Entering the activation code will license the software and remove the trailer page from newly created PDFs.

If you purchase Win2PDF Pro, you will need to run the Win2PDF Pro setup program from the link in your email receipt. The Win2PDF Pro setup program includes encryption software that can't be made available as a public download.
No, the Win2PDF setup program only install Win2PDF and nothing else. Win2PDF is supported by users licenses, not adware or spyware.

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