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Command Line Set PDF Version

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win2pdfd.exe setpdfversion "sourcepdf" pdfversion "destpdf"


Attempts to update PDF specified by "sourcepdf" to the version specified by "pdfversion", and save updated PDF in "destpdf". Valid versions are:



Introduced with:

Adds support for:


Adobe Acrobat 1.0


Adobe Acrobat 2.0

Adds support for links and password protection.


Adobe Acrobat 3.0

Adds support for Unicode.


Adobe Acrobat 4.0

Adds support for digital signatures and 40 bit encryption.


Adobe Acrobat 5.0

Adds support for transparency, JBIG2 compression, and 128 bit encryption.


Adobe Acrobat 6.0

Adds JPEG 2000 compression.


Adobe Acrobat 7.0

Adds support for AES encryption.


Adobe Acrobat 8.0

Improved support for security.


Win2PDF sets the PDF version to the lowest PDF version possible to support the features in the PDF file, usually "1.4".  Setting the PDF version is not necessary for most viewers. New viewers should be backwards compatible with older PDF versions, and old viewers will skip new features. Some compliance software requires a specific PDF version, and this command can be use to set the PDF to a specific version. You can only set the PDF version to a higher version than the existing version of "sourcepdf".


Requires a licensed version of Win2PDF version 10.0.121 or above. Contact us for a time limited evaluation license.


Returns 0 on success, and a Windows system error code on failure.