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How to Convert an AutoCAD DWG to PDF

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In AutoCAD, plot to a PDF as follows :


Command 'PLOT'.


Select 'Plot Device' Tab.


In the 'Plotter Configuration' frame, click the 'Properties...' button.


A new window opens.


Select 'Device and Document Settings' tab.


If necessary highlight 'Custom Properties' in the tree.


Click the 'Custom Properties' button.


A new window opens.


Select the 'Paper Orientation' (Note A).


Click the 'Advanced...' button.


A new window opens.


Highlight 'Paper Size' in the tree.


Select the paper size from the drop-down list. This is an important step. (Note B)


Click 'OK' 3 times to close the windows and save to a .pc3 file if necessary.


Back in the AutoCAD plot window, select the 'Plot Settings' tab. In the 'Paper Size...' frame the paper size should have changed to the value set earlier at (Note B). Do not change the paper size here as this may produce inconsistent rotations, sizes and offsets. In the 'Drawing Orientation' frame select 'Portrait' or 'Landscape'. Note that this orientation selection overrides orientations that were set at (Note A) or (Note B).


Click 'OK' to plot.